As one of the founding members of Call Centres in Bahrain, Ala brings a wealth of both International and Local experience to the Bahraini Call Centre Industry.

Call Centres are not just about reducing cost, the real benefit comes from Improving Performance and efficiency. Its all about people doing what they do best.

Whether it be Customer Care or Database Cleansing, here at Arion we have the tools, skills and experience to carry out the work efficiently and more cost effectively.

At Arion Call Centre Services, we don’t do everything, but what we do, do we do well. With our core strength in being the customers first point of contact, why not let us share those core skills and help to make your business more efficient, more effective and more welcoming.

Located in the Seef area of Bahrain, Arion Call Centre Services have a 25 seat fully equipped call centre, manned by Multi-National. Multi-lingual Agents, this coupled with using the latest hardware and software technologies ensures your Business is in safe and capable hands. Working hand in hand with the customer we develop and program well Structured scripts to meet you exact requirements.